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More about the project: The Energiegenossenschaft Inn-Salzach eG, EGIS for short, has realised the Bürgersolarpark Wachenbrunn , a lighthouse project, in cooperation with us. The plant has been on the grid since 13 May 2015 and supplies green electricity to German households. "Hopefully, it will serve as an inspiration and encouragement for other cooperatives to tackle and implement such projects as well," wishes EGIS board member Christoph Strasser in his statement on the grid connection of what is probably Germany's largest shared-ownership energy project of 2015.

In the case of the EGIS shared-ownership plant project, the plant was pre-financed via equity capital from the project partner maxsolar. The 8.7 megawatts were built and completed with grid connection in just three months.

The project shows that the citizens of the area want the energy transition and are also participating financially. The electricity from the plant prevents 2800 tonnes of CO2 per year and, in purely mathematical terms, supplies up to 2200 households completely with clean solar electricity. EGIS expects an annual return on the investment of around € 760,000 and a return of 3-4% per annum. The EGIS citizen participation model offers all German citizens the opportunity to benefit from the energy transition through direct participation in the EnergieGenossenschaft Inn-Salzach eG. The entry price is € 150 per share. It is deliberately set at a low level to enable many people to get started with the energy transition. The concept seems to be working, as almost half of the total of 10,440 shares were subscribed in only 7 weeks. This means that the cooperative has already exceeded its self-set spending target by 100%."

Manfred Gorgus, www.solar-professionell.de, May 2015

Here you can also find a time-lapse video of the construction of the solar park.

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