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Theinfeld - Solar park for Trianel in Bavaria goes into operation

Strong partnership performance of maxsolar and Trianel

The project is located in the district of Bad Kissingen in Thundorf in Lower Franconia. On an area of 12 hectares, 26,375 solar modules with 450 kWp or 455 kWp each were installed, reaching a total output of 12 MW.

"The unproblematic cooperation in Theinfeld shows how quickly a project can be implemented when everyone involved pulls together," said project manager Enrico Makkay.

"Together with our partner, we implemented this large project very quickly and professionally. Our thanks also go to the local authorities and the municipality, who have been very constructive throughout the process," emphasizes Markus Eder, project manager at Trianel.

Due to the new possibilities of § 6 EEG, Trianel will also give the municipality of Theinfeld a share of 0.2 cents per kilowatt hour for the amount of electricity actually fed into the grid. For the municipality in the district of Bad Kissingen, the share of two megawatts of installed capacity awarded in 2021 will result in an annual subsidy of up to €4,500 for the next twenty years, according to the solar plant's yield forecasts.

The solar park will be able to supply more than 3,500 households annually with climate-neutral electricity at an average annual consumption of 3,500 kWh.  

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