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The making of the MaxSolar corporate video

A look behind the scenes

After the weather had scuppered spreadfilms GmbH's shooting schedule last week, the Bavarian sky showed its best side yesterday, Wednesday. So finally the drone shots of the company building in Erlst├Ątt and a shot of the Wolkersdorf site incl. the fast charger were on the agenda. In film, every detail counts. No particle of dust or fingerprint on the display should be able to spoil the enjoyment of the film later. The location was made ready for filming under the guidance of the experienced camera team. Authorised signatory Christian Mayr made himself available as an actor for this clip and took our brand new esolution-car for a quick spin around the yard, followed by another and another..... Finally, the shot was in the can. The next station in the filming schedule: An open area with sheep grazing. Thanks to spreadfilms for the exciting glimpse behind the scenes. Once filming is complete, it's time for post-production. We are already looking forward to the finished film.

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