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Starting signal for charging infrastructure in Aschau

Esolution by maxsolar is currently installing electric charging points at a total of 5 locations in the municipal area of Aschau im Chiemgau and Sachrang on behalf of the municipality of Aschau.

After completion of the project, a total of 24 charging points will be available to citizens, tourists and people passing through.

We are proud to be one of the pioneers in the region when it comes to electric mobility," said 1st Mayor Simon Frank at the official commissioning.

The locations of the AC charging stations (charging with alternating current) will then be in Haindorf (6 charging points) near the open-air swimming pool and in the centre at the Prientalpassagen (6 charging points). In addition, a fast charger (charges with direct current) will be available here. 6 AC charging points will be created at the Hohenaschau festival hall just a few minutes from the castle and the Kampenwand cable car. Using so-called Radio-Frequency -Identification (RFID) chip cards or via various service apps, electric car drivers register at the charging point and pay for exactly the amount of electricity they consume to charge their cars.

In the course of the project, the existing, defective charging columns at the tourist information office and at the Sachrang mountaineering museum have already been replaced by new charging stations that comply with calibration laws. "Thanks to the committed actions of the municipality, we were able to replace the already existing charging infrastructure in a timely manner and the work for the new locations has already begun," says Florian Scharnagl, project manager at esolution by maxsolar, praising the cooperation with the municipal officials. As a certified charge point operator, MaxSolar offers customers an all-round carefree package with the esolution by MaxSolar brand, which includes everything from planning and installation to billing in compliance with calibration regulations.

The picture shows 1st Mayor Simon Frank with Property Officer Stefan Aberger and Project Manager Florian Scharnagl (from left).

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