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Safe connection of the PV power plant to medium voltage

Delicate project step went smoothly

Recently, a delicate step was carried out in the project plan for the construction of the PV power plant at the Bachmeier bakery: the smooth connection of the entire plant to the newly constructed medium-voltage grid. To do so, a new 20,000 volt transfer station was built and the existing transformer stations (4 transformers), a new transformer station and an existing low-voltage connection were integrated into this. In future, the renewed 20 kV plant power network will connect the PV plant and distribute the renewable electricity on the bakery's premises. Representatives of the grid operator bayernwerk and the Bachmeier bakery, as well as several members of the MaxSolar project team, were responsible for ensuring that everything ran smoothly on site. This moment is always exciting, even for the experts at maxsolar. This is because the challenges here are numerous: the conditions of the grid operators and their specifications for compliance with grid codes, guide and target values and special grid management capabilities of the transformer stations must be met. During the work, a 1.1 MVA emergency power generator ensured that food production could continue without interruption. By early afternoon, the project was successfully completed and an important step in power plant construction was finished. The picture shows our colleague Werner Kagerer during final work in the company's new 20 kV transfer station. The next step is the assembly of the modules. 97 percent of the total output of the PV system is consumed in-house, in production operations.

Photo: Screenshot, de la Rosa

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