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PV Austria industry meeting

The Austrian association formulates goals

The conference, which was conceived as a hybrid event, had 100 participants on site and another 200 member companies of the Austrian PV sector connected via live video stream. Herbert Paierl, Chairman of the Association, formulated the Austrian photovoltaic expansion target in his presentation: 11 terawatt hours of solar electricity by 2030. "We are proud that 3.6 percent of the total installed capacity in Austria in 2020 was realised by us, says sales manager Christian Mayr. In 2020, we built Austria's largest PV ground-mounted plant to date on behalf of Wien Energie. We are encouraged by the success of this innovative project. "In any case, we will continue to contribute to achieving the expansion target on the Austrian market," explains Christian Mayr. Dr. J├╝rgen Schneider, a section head of the federal ministry for climate protection, environment, energy and mobility, gave a lecture on the renewable energy expansion act [EAG], which provides the legal framework for the expansion of renewable energies in Austria and is comparable to the German EEG. All participants have one goal in common: climate reversal.

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