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Official Groundbreaking Ceremony Bundorf

The official groundbreaking ceremony for the Bundorf solar park, which will be one of the largest projects in the field of renewable energies in Germany, took place in November. It covers an area of 125 hectares and will be completed by mid-2023 with a construction period of 10 months. The more than 250,000 bifacial modules with a total output of almost 125 MWp can arithmetically supply more than 37,500 households with solar power. The completion of the other renewable projects in the future energy municipality is scheduled for 2024. Mayor Hubert Endres called the construction of the large-scale project a "stroke of luck for Bundorf". A 125-hectare solar plant in one piece is rare in all of Germany, he said. He thanked Christian Freiherr Truchseß von Wetzhausen, who made most of the land available.
Member of the Landtag Steffen Vogel described it as "remarkable" that such a project had found unanimous approval in the local council. This was not the case everywhere. There is enough resistance to the expansion of renewable energies. There is no potential for this in cities, which is why this is an opportunity for rural areas. The tax revenue for the municipality is a positive side effect.

"In addition to the solar park, an emission-free district heating network is to be built to supply the municipal properties and the citizens. As part of the construction project, the expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles will also be implemented in all parts of the municipality," said Elke Hanel, authorised signatory of the project developer and specialist MaxSolar GmbH from Bavaria. Ms Hanel thanked the community representatives around the first mayor Hubert Endres. It was only thanks to their constant support that the project could be implemented at this record speed.

"With this holistic approach, an "energy village Bundorf" is truly being created. Every citizen has the opportunity to participate in the solar park. This participation is possible through membership in the EGIS eG energy cooperative," says Pascal Lang, chairman of the EGIS eG, which will also operate the district heating network on site as a cooperative.


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