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Neuötting noise barrier

More about the project: In cooperation with our long-term partner, the EnergieGenossenschaft Inn-Salzach eG, and the company Kohlhauer Lärmschutz, we are building a 230 m long and almost 5 m high photovoltaic noise barrier along the former B12 near Neuötting in September 2016. Noise protection was an essential requirement for the city when designating a new residential area. In addition, the electricity produced with solar energy is an ideal supplement for the new building of the Montessori school.After several years of planning, one of the first walls with integrated photovoltaic modules was created. The peculiarity here was that there was actually no suitable product available on the market. After a long search, however, the ideal partners for the implementation came together. This is a lighthouse project for combining photovoltaics with noise protection.Modules with a total output of 64.4 kWp have now been installed along the main road. The 60,000 kWh produced on site are used in the nearby Montessori school building for own consumption. Daytime operations during teaching hours alone requires about 50% of the energy generated on site. However, with the help of a residual power supply concept, EGIS can supply the school building with 100% green electricity from renewable sources at all times.
Those responsible see this as the ideal combination of urban development requirements and the integration of renewable energy into these very requirements!

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