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Place: 17033 Neubrandenburg
Performance: 2267,34 kWp
Completion: November 2016

More about the project: The new ground-mounted PV park in Neubrandenburg comprises almost two and a half megawatts. However, rather than building over a green meadow, the site of a former tank farm was revitalised with 8556 modules. As the area is still polluted by oil residue, it could neither be used for agriculture nor was it particularly valuable for the flora and fauna species population. The construction of a sustainable energy generation plant has restored the environmental and social benefits of this area.

A maintenance contract was also signed with MaxSolar GmbH for this area. This is to ensure that the system is always technically up to date and that possible material damage is repaired after a certain age. This can extend the lifetime of individual components and the entire system. This also improves the overall cost effectiveness of the ground-mounted system.

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