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Miedl bakery storage system

Sustainability that pays off

About the project:

In 2018, the engineering service provider from Traunstein installed a photovoltaic system with a total output of 163.9 kW on the roof of the production facility to produce green solar power. At the beginning of 2020, the 88 kW battery storage system was integrated to control peak loads and increase in-house consumption. Owner Manfred Miedl was positive about the cooperation: "I always have my personal contact person in every department, I appreciate that very much. That's why I trust in maxsolar for the technical management of the system too. "Electric cars can also be charged in the car park of the Handwerkerpark 23 branch. The 3 charging stations with a total of 6 charging points are publicly accessible.

A detailed user report was published by PV-Magazine, solarserver and the smarterworld portal

Sustainability that pays off

Peak shaving with battery storage

PV and storage save peak load

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