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Knott Eggstätt

Place: 83125 Eggstätt
Performance: 805 kWp
Completion: June 2016

More about the project: With an output of 805 kWp, this photovoltaic system on an industrial roof in the south-east of Bavaria produces over 900 MWh , which is used in part for the company's electricity supply. But the focus here is not only on the sustainable generation of green electricity: the interplay of different energy producers is what makes this regional showcase project so special! In the course of realising the PV system, our sister company Smart-Power GmbH & Co. KG installed an intelligent data acquisition system and energy management with integrated control technology. In addition, a CHP unit with a further 273 kWel has been integrated into the energy supply of the production plant. The CHP solution was supplied and installed by another network partner, namely Energie Südbayern GmbH (ESB). Together, MaxSolar GmbH represents the general contractor share in the planning and installation process, as well as in the integration within the company. The technical implementation serves to increase the self-sufficiency rate in the production process.

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