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Hybrid project storage facilities now in operation

As the first project of the innovation tender of the Federal Network Agency, two INTILION storage systems have been connected to the grid in Hofheim, Bavaria. "We are pleased to have INTILION as a strong partner at our side. Despite a tight schedule, the storage systems were installed on time. The final approval by the energy supplier Bayernwerk went smoothly," says Sales Manager Christian Mayr.

Feeding electricity at night

MaxSolar has built two power plants with a capacity of around 10 MW on 13 hectares. The solar park is divided into two ground-mounted plants: Hassberge and H├╝hnerellern. At the former, INTILION has installed a 1.45 MWh storage facility with a capacity of 1.3 MW and a C coefficient of 1, which means it can be completely loaded and unloaded within one hour. A storage facility with a capacity of 5.76 MWh is located in H├╝hnerellern. Since the Federal Network Agency specified a withdrawal period of two hours in its August 2021 tenders, INTILION opted for a system with 0.5 C there. The project in Hassberge, on the other hand, is part of the tender from August 2020, which did not yet contain any specifications for the withdrawal period. The scalecubes store electricity during the day and feed it into the grid when there is no or little solar radiation, e.g. in the evening hours and at night.

Modular design

Thanks to the scalecube's modular design, individual battery strings can be replaced or expanded. Thus, the capacity can be expanded by more than 570 kWh in a first step. "Thanks to our expansion and replacement concept, our service technicians can easily guarantee the required capacity specified by the German Federal Network Agency. In addition, we can monitor the system at any time with our integrated cloud solution, guaranteeing the highest possible availability and service life," explains INTILION's Sales Manager Matthias Giller.


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