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Handover solar farm Reckertshausen

North of the district of Reckertshausen, in the immediate vicinity of the town of Hofheim in the Hassberge district, the most innovative solar park is currently under construction. It covers a total of approx. 13 hectares and is divided into two so-called open-space photovoltaic plants: Hühnerellern and Haßberge. After completion of the construction work, a total of 23,000 high-performance modules will be installed. The electricity from the solar energy of both plants is expected to generate an annual output of around 10 megawatts. This will be enough to supply around 2,600 households in the region with green electricity. The innovative feature of this PV park is a fully integrated battery storage system, which ensures that the PV systems can feed in the electricity stored during the day even when there is less or no sunshine, e.g. in the evening hours or at night. The battery storage systems were recently delivered and installed in Hühnerellern and Haßberge. We developed these innovative systems. "The advantages are obvious. On the one hand, we use low-yield agricultural land to generate CO2-free electricity, and on the other, the solar power storage system relieves the load on the power grid by absorbing peak loads. We are proud to be pioneers in Germany with this technical innovation," says MaxSolar sales manager Christian Mayr.

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