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Ground Breaking for district heating

Integrated heat concept for Bundorf

Groundbreaking ceremony for Bundorf's integrated heating concept

The starting signal was given today for Bundorf's emission-free district heating network, which is to be operated by a cooperative. The electricity required for the district heating supply will be drawn entirely from the Bundorf solar park. Maxsolar is thus creating a "zero emission concept" for heat generation together with EGIS.

The energy cooperative EGIS eG has founded an operator ­ company for the construction of the district heating network, which is financed with citizen contributions. The investment sum for the project amounts to 3.6 million euros including the share in the solar park that feeds the district heating network. "The money will go towards building a CO2-neutral heating network fed by a combination of heat pump, electric boiler and woodchip boiler," explains Elke Hanel, a member of MaxSolar's management team.

Maxsolar has earmarked 1.5 megawatts of the solar park for solar heat supply. The concept is to generate heat using a 200-kilowatt heat pump and a 400-kilowatt electric boiler. A 75,000-liter hot water buffer covers the times when the sun is not shining, i.e., when no solar power is generated for the heat supply. A 200-kilowatt woodchip boiler serves as redundancy in the winter, covering peak loads and low-sun winter periods for a maximum of 1,600 hours.

In addition to 60 percent solar coverage of the heat supply, the project participants are also concerned with affordability. Maxsolar has already calculated the heat price: The basic price for end consumers will initially be 750 euros gross per year, and the energy price for heat will be just 7.99 cents per kilowatt hour.

These prices can be kept stable in the long term, since the electricity procurement costs from photovoltaics can be planned. An average household thus achieves stable heating costs of less than 200 euros gross per month," says Elke Hanel.

The concept serves as a blueprint for other municipalities, particularly in rural areas, and is a forward-looking model especially for towns with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants without their own gas network and infrastructure.

Mayor Hubert Endres was extremely satisfied with the smooth cooperation with MaxSolar and in his speech thanked the municipal council, which unanimously supported the project from the beginning.

According to planning, the district heating project will be completed this year, assures project manager Maximilian Huber.

The picture shows at the symbolic groundbreaking on the construction site from left: Thomas Schmitt (member of the municipal council), Pascal Lang (chairman of the board EGIS eG), Elke Hanel (member of the management MaxSolar GmbH), Hubert Endres (mayor of Bundorf) and Maximilian Huber (project manager MaxSolar GmbH).

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