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GEO Nature Day: Results of the campaign

97 animal and 128 plant species identified in the Ering solar park

The species census on the occasion of the GEO Nature Day has now been completed. The result proves once again: solar parks can do more than just produce sustainable energy. The often very large areas for solar farms can represent an important habitat for threatened animal and plant species.

A total of at least 97 animal and 128 plant species were recorded within the photovoltaic plant in Ering, including 13 bird species, many of which use the PVAs as regular breeding habitat: e.g. wagtail, redstart and blue tit use the supporting structures of the modules and transformer stations, skylark, yellowhammer, pheasant, marsh warbler and chiffchaff prefer the quiet and undisturbed nature of the open spaces between and under the modules, the latter was observed building a nest under a row of modules.

Numerous representatives of insects: 34 butterfly species, including striking butterflies such as peacock butterfly, small tortoiseshell, painted lady, small heath, common blue butterfly and the rare large copper butterfly (pictured) were sighted several times. Among the moths there were also appealing ones: (spurge hawk-moth, burnished brass, burnet companion moth, white ermine moth, also quite rare in Bavaria: silver barred moth and the curious-looking species: white plume moth.

5 dragonfly species benefit from the nearby breeding waters and use the site as a feeding habitat. Among them the magnificent black-tailed skimmer, in which the male and female look completely different.

The park is also a retreat and resting place for hares and deer, the latter having installed 2 fawns in the adjacent meadow directly south of the site.

The photo gallery shows the biologists together with our authorised representative identifying species. Many thanks to all those involved for their great commitment to our "Geo Nature Day" campaign.

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