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Frankenthal PV system

Place: 67227 Frankenthal
Performance: 4010 kWp
Completion: December 2016

More about the project: The Frankenthal shared ownership PV project is a unique type of solar project. With an output of 4 MWp, the rooftop installation on the Amazon logistics centre near Ludwigshafen in Rhineland-Palatinate is probably the largest to have been built in Europe in 2016. The plant with around 15,000 modules is planned and constructed in cooperation with Avantag Energy s.à.r.l., AMATEC GmbH and the local public utility company in Frankenthal.
For the time being, it was decided to use a full feed-in system, as in-house consumption for commercial buildings with their own production on this scale requires special regulations to be taken into account. However, in-house consumption of solar power was already taken into account in the conceptual design, so that the tenant of the logistics centre can substitute its energy needs to a large extent with renewable electricity at any time. Energy costs in this sector are similar to those in the manufacturing industry, but logistics halls often offer clearer space potential and thus enable cost-optimised construction and an ideal business case.

Almost 4500 shares were issued via the EnergieGenossenschaft Inn-Salzach eG, all of which were sold within a very short time. Thus, a large part of the plant is in the hands of citizens who have shown commitment and want to actively participate in the energy transition.

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