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Interview with Julia Streitwieser

Why do you work at maxsolar?

I find the perfect mix of challenging work and family-style environment here. It is important for me to be challenged professionally. Nevertheless, it is nice to know that everyone has an open ear for questions and problems. Above all, the joint celebrations organised by the company throughout the year bring colleagues even closer together and at the same time strengthen the team spirit in the company.


What makes maxsolar an attractive employer?

In addition to the future-oriented industry in which we operate, we as employees benefit from a few "treats" here. It's the small gestures that make everyday work at MaxSolar pleasant. We are supplied with fresh, local fruit every week and receive free cold and hot drinks on top of that – this is far from common!

A big plus point why the company is so attractive for me is the flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home sometimes. This creates the perfect framework for a successful work-life balance. For me, the 13th month's salary and 30 days' holiday are also great personal added value. I like to travel and so I can combine my hobby very well with my work.


To what extent does sustainability play a role at maxsolar?

Sustainability is not only a big issue for me in my private life. Here in the company we are also increasingly trying to integrate a sustainable way of working – I like that!
In addition, every single employee is motivated to use alternative means of transport. For example, there is the offer to lease a bike from JobRad. This is then subsidised by the company with a monthly allowance. Furthermore, we have now installed electric charging points for cars and bicycles in our company car park.


What do you personally associate with maxsolar?

I was able to complete my training as an office management assistant here at MaxSolar and the company is also supporting me now with my part-time studies. I very much appreciate the understanding shown for my situation!

I also find it nice that the employee is also supported in matters such as a company pension scheme or a kindergarten allowance. For me, this is also a form of sustainability and should not be neglected in a company.

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