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Byodo Natural Food Mühldorf

Place: 84453 Mühldorf
Performance: 263 kWp (new plant)
Fertigstellung: August 2016

More on the project: Ecological means boring and stuffy? That was yesterday! This new Byodo health food shop offers fresh organic food in its factory outlet, combining renewable technologies, creativity and environmental awareness. As general contractor and energy service provider, we built a photovoltaic system with over 250,000 kWh of generation for in-house consumption on the roof of the new building in the form of a plant lease model and also supplied the entire electrical infrastructure, including a transformer station, for the new building. At the same time, the existing 244 kWp system was renovated.

Since in the long term more and more ecologically minded customers will be driving their own electric cars to the shops, suitable fast-charging stations will also be set up on site and integrated into the overall system. The appropriate interfaces for recording the consumption of the charging stations and the supermarket were automatically included in the implementation planning by our project team, so that intelligent and targeted energy management is possible over the long term. With the combination of infrastructure measures, in-house PV consumption and fast-charging stations for e-mobility, we cover a variety of important energy transition topics for our customers.

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