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6.4 MW photovoltaic system installed on landfill site

We realised another ground-mounted project for our long-standing client SEAC Group. The 19,134 modules of the PV plant on AWVC's [Chemnitz waste management association] "Wei├čer Weg" landfill site generate a total of 6.4 MWp. 33 inverters convert the power into alternating current before 750 kWp are used for the Chemnitz RABA residual waste treatment plant's own consumption and 5.6 MWp are fed into the grid. The special substructure (TreeSystem) ensures that the landfill body is not damaged. This does not require any excavation or use of concrete, consists of 100% recyclable materials and can be easily and completely deconstructed despite its high load-bearing capacity.

Photo: SEAC Group


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